This blog presents the results of the intensive Extended Cinematics workshop produced by Richard Douzjian at the Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA) in May 2014.

This first workshop in DIA introduced the participants to Extended Cinematics – an analytical and design process that architectural designers can use in order to transform film specific properties into architectonic ones.

21 participants from 14 different nationalities worked in 5 teams to analyze 3 films and transform them into either a house, a kindergarten or a community center.
The selected films were:
– Adaptation (2002)
– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
– Lost Highway (1997)

This blog contains the complete body of works produced at the end of the workshop:
5 analytical works of 3 films that generated 11 different architectural designs.

Extended Cinematics in DIA: 09.05.2014 – 14.05.2014

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